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Must elders be skilled in teaching?

In this article David Mathis explores the question about elders who are supposed to be able to teach. This is his argument: Does the qualification that pastors and elders be “able to teach” (1 Timothy 3:2) mean skilled in teaching or something more akin to willing and able when necessary? In the New Testament,... Read More

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More love, or more spiritual gifts?

In this blog post Don Carson takes a brief look at 1 Corinthians 13 (often called the love chapter). He concludes: This text does not say that love is everything and that the other things mentioned--speaking in tongues, the gift of prophecy, an ability to fathom mysteries and all knowledge, a faith that can move... Read More


A Brief History of the Altar Call

In this article Thomas S Kidd notes that fewer and fewer churches issue altar calls these days. Is this a good thing or is it lamentable? He gives a brief history of the altar call and writes: By the mid-20th century, altar calls had become a staple of evangelical and Baptist life in America, especially in the... Read More

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Can Technology Delete Death?

In this article Tony Reinke discusses the advancement in technology that opens new horizons, specifically the prospect of technology defeating death as we know it. He writes: Few prophets of the technological revolution are more respected than Ray Kurzweil, and his answer is Yes. One day, soon enough, science will... Read More

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Does the Bible support same-sex relationships?

In this blog post Dr Tim Keller reviews two fairly recent books that take the view that the Bible either allows for or supports same-sex relationships. He writes: The relationship of homosexuality to Christianity is one of the main topics of discussion in our culture today. In the fall of 2013 I wrote a review of... Read More

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Advent 2016

Churches all across the world will enter the Advent season on November 27, 2016. This is an important time of reflection on the incarnation of God, who came to live among us as Jesus of Nazareth. A man of flesh and blood, like us, but also Immanuel, God with us. Advent is a time of waiting – waiting for God to do... Read More


Building Bridges (Part 2)

Yale University theologian Miroslav Volf commented on the breakdown in public discourse between people that share the same space and said: “In a globalized world, people of diverse and deeply held convictions live side by side under the same political roof. Major issues that rend states asunder—about the nature of... Read More

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Building Bridges (Part 1)

The remarkable precision by engineers working on mega projects never ceases to amaze me. I often wonder how it is possible to drill a tunnel through a mountain, starting at both ends and eventually connecting the two halves somewhere deep within the rock. Or, building a bridge by starting from each end and... Read More


A Peculiar Community

The church is a peculiar community of people. It is a group of people who share a “common unity” in their relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, Jesus is the only reason for their community. If they did not choose to be related to Jesus, many of these people would not have been related to each other at all.... Read More


Added to the Community

Frank Sinatra sang about doing it “my way” and many Christians want to follow Christ “their way.” But is it even possible to be a Christian in your “own way”? When the book of Acts recounts the birth of the Christian Church it is presented as a fellowship of believers. The fellowship is described as “devoting... Read More