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There was a lot of death in 2021. Betty White, Larry King, Hank Aaron, Colin Powell, and John Madden all died. A friend my age died of a massive heart attack. Two people in my social circle both died of COVID-19.

Lots and lots of people died of COVID-19.

And now there’s a war in Ukraine. There was a lot of death in 2021. There will be a lot more in 2022.

Death and taxes, they say, are the only sure things. I follow a Twitter account that posts the same thing every day: “You will die someday.” It’s true, and yet the reality we’re all dying makes death no easier when it happens to close friends or elderly parents.

Often when Christians lose a family member, I hear them say their loved one is “home now” or “whole now” if that person was suffering from an illness or disease. While I understand this sentiment, I believe the Bible offers us an even better promise. As Christians, we do not place our hope merely in life after death but rather in life after life after death.

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