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I think we are all in a state of shock as our lives have been turned upside down these last few weeks. We did not ask for this, but it has happened and we need to deal with it. Our response will reveal a lot about who we are.

My own experience has been:

(1)  driving around in an effort to get white gold – toilet paper!

(2)  learning new technologies on the fly – both frustrating and rewarding.

(3)  getting a great response from a neighbour on my street – she was very happy to learn that our church has suspended meetings during this time. She is a nominal believer/unbeliever, but impressed because we as Christians are doing our part as good citizens to help our communities.

As I think about the situation there are four specific Christian perspectives that come to mind:

Firstly, we know that our own faith is tested. We make peace with the fact that all our days are written in God’s Book of Life. We know that we can die any day, but have peace about it, because then we will be with Christ.

Secondly, we love our neighbors and show them mercy. God loved us unconditionally and showered us with His mercy. That is why we can show mercy to others – because we have received it from God.

(a)  Loving others means staying at home and helping to slow down the spread of the virus.

(b)  Loving others means taking care of ourselves so that we are in a position to help others. (Think of the instructions given when we fly with kids. It always says to “Place the oxygen mask on your face FIRST. Then you will be able to place the masks on your children.”

(c)  Showing mercy to others means sharing your resources (TP) and helping them with their needs. (buying groceries etc.)

Thirdly, we maintain our relationship with God by prayer and Bible reading. (Remember to read the psalm of the day!) We also maintain our relationships with each other through whatever means we have at our disposal: telephone, online, etc.

Fourthly, we do what we can by acting responsibly and empathetically. Then trust God for everything that is outside of our control. It gives us great peace to know that nothing is outside of His control!

We know that we will get through this. “This too shall pass!”

Please keep checking our church website and Facebook group for any new information. (If you want to be included on our Facebook group, send me an email and I will add you.)

Praying with you and for you,

Brian Thompson