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My dear friend,

I was saddened, but not wholly surprised, to hear you are thinking about divorce.

As I understand it, over the years you and your husband have argued with increasing bitterness. He doesn’t appreciate your many sacrifices on his behalf. He’s not a great provider. Glued to his phone, he ignores the kids and their needs unless you remind him. You look at old photos and cry, unable to recapture the passion you know you must have felt. It’s hard to admit, but sometimes you feel repulsed by the man you are supposed to love. The world is in crisis, and your marriage feels like one more disaster. You want out.

I know you love Christ and want to serve him. You also know that God forbids divorce, except in certain cases like adultery, abuse, and abandonment (Matt. 5:231 Cor. 7:15). But you are struggling. You don’t have biblical grounds for divorce, but your marriage is loveless and filled with fighting. It’s hard to imagine God wants you to stay.

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