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We have just started a new preaching series on First Corinthians. This is the famous letter the Apostle Paul wrote to the believers in the ancient city of Corinth.

They were new to the Christian faith and lived among folks who worshipped the Roman and Greek gods. The city was very affluent, cosmopolitan and the people were highly educated. Their context, living as believers in a pagan society, is very similar to our context today. So, there is a lot we can learn from Paul's letter to them.

We need to be careful however, how we apply Paul's advice to them to ourselves today. We live in a very different culture and time so we have to remember that the letter was not written to us, but it was written for us. The letter was directly written to them and addressed their situation, but it was written for our benefit. There is much we can learn from it. What is needed is a careful reading and a principled application.