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This Sunday we will be starting a new sermon series on the Letter of Jude. It is a short letter, only 25 verses in total, and relatively unknown. Its placement in our Bibles contributes to its obscurity. It is found right before the Book of Revelation, so many people flip right past it to get to the “more interesting” next book.

This letter is addressed to us, for the following two reasons:

1)  It is addressed to all believers; and

2)  It provides advice for those living in the last days.

We are believers and we are living in the last days, so this letter is relevant for us!

Traditionally, the author is Jude, the half-brother of our lord Jesus. He was quite skeptical of Jesus at first, but changed his mind at a later stage – presumably after the resurrection. So, he wanted to write a letter about salvation in Jesus Christ, but felt compelled to write a different letter when he saw people infiltrating the community of believers and spreading false doctrines.            

Once again, this is relevant for us, because we are dealing with the exact same issues. There are people in our churches today, spreading false teachings and perverting the grace of God. Therefore, it is imperative that we also contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.                                                                                                           Brian Thompson