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We have just started a new series called "Message of Micah". It is a journey through the Book of Micah. He was a prophet who lived during the time of Isaiah, Amos at the end of the 8th century BC. Micah is probably a shortened form of the name Micaiah, which means "Who is like the LORD?".

Micah was a prophet who spoke the Word of the Lord as it came to him. It was not an easy word, because it was full of judgement against Judah and Israel. But, we recognize that this word is meant as a warning. God is warning His people so that they may repent and be spared His judgment. In the end there is only a "remnant" that repent and are spared the wrath of God. 

This is why there is also a glimmer of hope interlaced with the words of judgment. The hope is held out for those who take heed and turn from their wicked ways. There will always be hope for those who chose to serve God, because God will not reject them. His character will not allow it and He has bound Himself to His people by His covenant commitment.