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During the month of July we are watching movies here at the chapel on Friday evenings (6:30-9:00 pm). The movies are secular in nature, but have redemptive themes and are excellent for discussion.

Here is the list of movies we will be watching:

1)  The Truman Show (July 7)

Here are links to discussions of the Truman Show:

a) Why The Truman Show is a Wonderful Movie

b)  20 things you somehow missed in the Truman Show


2)  The Greatest Showman (July 14)

Here are some links:

a)  The man who saved "The Greatest Showman (2017)"

b)  Written review by Movieguide:


3)  The Incredibles (July 21)

Here are some links:

a)  Why The Incredibles is the BEST Superhero Movie of All Time

b)  Written review:


4)  Babette's Feast (July 28)

Here are some links:

a)  The symbolism of Babette's Feast

b)  Written review: