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As we start this new year we are going to do something we have routinely done; that is, start with a series on prayer. The series will be named Prayers of Confession and it will deal with the themes of repentance and confession. 

Every now and then we should take stock of our spiritual lives and compare it to God's standard for us. If we find that we are falling short, as most of us do, then it is time to confess our sins to God and to repent.

Now we have often heard that repentance means turning away/turning back, but repentance has two parts to it. The first is turning away from something (the sin in our lives) and the second is turning towards something or someone (God). Many times people wish to turn away from doing bad things and become a good boy or girl. That is NOT Biblical repentance. 

Biblical repentance is all about God. It is turning away from the things that God hates (sin) and turning back to God, the Author and Giver of life, in a dedicated, committed relationship. This is the key to really living this life and inheriting eternal life.