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This Sunday we are starting a new three week series called Titus: Teaching the Church

In this letter Paul instructs Titus to appoint elders as overseers in every town, explaining what qualifications these men should have and what they should do. This establishes the principle of oversight over the community of believers, an absolute necessity in any society.

Paul then proceeds to tell Titus what should be taught in this new Christian community. This is very practical and useful to know. However, we do need to take some care as we move from their cultural setting to ours. This calls for discernment as we seek to apply Titus’ teaching to our situation.

Lastly, since these converted Gentiles now have a new identity in Christ, Paul wants them to relate to their secular surroundings in a new way. So, he urges Titus to teach them how to live as a Christian community in a secular city.