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To WBC attendees,  

The Elders had a meeting on March 17th and made decisions about scheduled events in light of the current Covid-19 virus situation.  

1.       Prayer Pal Breakfast on April 4th is cancelled.

2.       Church Camp on June 19th-21st is cancelled.

3.       Monthly Prayer Meetings on the last Saturday will continue for the time being.

4.       All other events are cancelled through end of April.

5.       Exception: Sunday Service and Care Groups suspended until April 12th.  

The leadership is working on ways to keep us connected. Please keep checking the chapel website for any updates and developments concerning our fellowship. Stay safe and remain flexible as this situation plays out.  

Please contact Brian or any of the elders if you require any assistance during this time.  

Thank you and keep praying. Pray for us as a church, for our country and for our world.